Powerful, affordable and most loved live chat solution for all

Very easy to use

Set up your favourite IM desktop client or use our web chat app to chat to your website visitors. You can also setup your weekly schedule and let FrescoChat manage your on/off status.

Chat anywhere

Set up your smart-phone or tablet to receive chat alerts and reply to customers. FrescoChat will follow you everywhere and let you take chats on the move

Cloud Based - Easy installation

Just paste a script code on your WebSite or use our plugins and you are ready to go.

Add as many agents as you need

Adding agents is completely free. Just pay for the number of seats (agents online at the same time)


* No credit card required

* You will be subscribed to our CORP plan for 14 days. After that period, you can choose any of our packages

* By subscribing, you agree to our Terms and conditions

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Why Live Chat?

  • Increase conversions

    When you are looking to increase your conversion rate or capture interested people who may otherwise simply leave the site.

  • Be proactive

    If you are interested in being more proactive in supporting your customers and to learn more about their needs.

  • Understand your customers

    Live chat enables you to better understand your customers which in the long run will lead to better products and more business.

  • Reduce costs

    Live chat can reduce costs and reduce incoming emails

Great looking and customizable chatbox

Pick one from dozens of skins, customize messages and UI labels, display a pre-chat form or let users enter directly to chat room. Give it a formal or casual look and feel. Configure size size and avatars, make your chatbox inline or browser pop up, and many more customization options.


Pick your favorite desktop and mobile IM apps

Picking a desktop IM app is the best option when you are at the office or at home. Once installed, it will run silently in the background. No need to login to web dashboards and switching browser tabs to find it! And when you are on the move, FrescoChat will send you chat request alerts to your smart phone or tablet.

We support any IM JABBER/XMPP compatible client

IM+ pidgin
adium trillian

For any Operating System and Platform

IM+ pidgin adium adium trillian adium trillian
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Clean & Simple Web Chat Dashboard


Voice and Video Chat easier than ever

Sometimes text chat is not enough. Increase sales and customer satisfaction adding a face and a voice to your business

No additional software set up. It works directly in desktop web browsers

Select from video chat or voice only chat

With voice and video chat, new leads are more likely to convert and current customers are more likely to make bigger purchases, remember the products or services discussed during the chat, and spread the word about your business. Add it to your site today!


Build your weekly working hours

You don't need to remember to log off or log on to FrescoChat. By setting up your weekly schedule, you let us handle your availability.

Create a different schedule for every agent

Set up any number of time ranges as you need

Build any type of shifts schemes for your agents

With a desktop IM app installed that runs when you turn on your computer, together with our flexible schedule builder, you can forget about everything related to siging in/out and stay focused on your business and serving potential customers


Use trigger rules to engage customers and close sales!

With trigger rules, you can set up automated targeted messages for every different page on your website inviting people to chat and helping you to increase conversions and close sales !

Offer help to users who get stuck in any section of your website

Create engaging messages for your different products/services you offer and generate more leads

Build special triggers rules for users coming from PPC campaigns like Google Ads

Once you start using trigger rules you will realize the power that it brings. Visitors who are invited to chat and have a satisfactory response from the agent, will be more likely to become customers and refer other people to your site.

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Group agents into departments and help your visitors reach the right agent

Departments not only will give your live chat service a more "professional" look, but it will let the user reach the right group of agents without the need to transfer chats.

Build departments based on your business areas or product categories, every agent may belong to one or more departments

Add agents to hidden departments that will only get reached when other agent transfer a chat session to them (eg: second level support)

Configure which departments will be able to answer chats originated by specific trigger rules

Set up any page/section of your site to get chats routed only to a specific department (department selection will be hidden on chatbox )

Chatbox will display its online/offline stauts. Offline departments will display a contact form and you will get the messages to a configured e-mail address for that department


Let the visitor choose the person to contact

Combine it with departments to accomplish a cascading selection

When the agent is offline, visitor will be able to drop a message

Dropdown list is dynamically populated with newly added agents

Great for business scenarios where the visitor might already know who is the person he wants to contact, or he has been served before by a particular agent


Our plans

When you subscribe to any of our plans you get our most advanced plan for 14 days. Then you can downgrade to the package you want to keep.

Monthly 3 months (-5%) 6 months (-10%) 1 year (-20%)

Number of agents:1



per month
  • 1 Chat channel
  • Desktop / Mobile /Web apps
  • Basic customizations
  • 1 domain
  • 1 chat agent
  • SSL
  • Trigger rules
  • Departments
  • Working hours
  • Chat Queues
  • Voice/Video Chat



per seat per month
  • 2 Chat Channels
  • Desktop / Mobile / Web apps
  • Full Customizations
  • 2 domains
  • ∞ Chat Agents *
  • SSL
  • 2 Trigger Rules
  • 2 Departments
  • Working Hours
  • Chat Queues
  • Voice/Video Chat

* You can have any number of agents. You only pay per seat, which means the number of agents that can be online at the same time

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